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Recent News and Events

  • WVYC Awards 2013 | 2013 05 14


    Thursday evening  May 9th  will forever remain in the memories of those who got the opportunity to attend what has become a spectacular event as Waterford Voluntary Youth Council (WVYC) with the support and sponsorship of Waterford Youth Committee (WYC) City of Waterford VEC) presented a vintage themed circusat this year’s, Youth Awards.

  • 2013 WVYC Annual Youth Awards | 2013 03 21

    The 2013 Waterford Voluntary Youth Council Awards, sponsored by Waterford Youth Committee will take place in May.  Todate the awards have been a great success, with many Youth and Volunteer Youth/Adult leaders being honoured by their peers for the work they do within their youth Group/Club/Project. 

  • Presentation of NQSF Certificates 2012 | 2013 03 21

    Waterford Youth Committee presented NQSF Certificates to Children’s Group Link, Waterford Youth Arts, Manor St John Youth Project, Little Red Kettle and Waterford Transport Service following completion years 1 and 2 of the Quality Standards Framework on 6 December 2012